Below are the names and, for some, the photos of the priests who have served at St. Genevieve’s. Listed below are also the Bishops, many of whom celebrated confirmations at our parish. Much of the information was taken from our the parish records (on baptisms and confirmations ect).

If a name is in blue you can place your cursor on the name and more information will appear on the right about that person.

Information about our priests usually includes the physical improvements they brought about while working at our parish however we cannot forget that it is the spiritual growth, which is difficult to report, that was their objective.

1848 Bishop José Antonio Laureano de Zubiría y Escalante
1/1859 Fr. Manuel Chavez (First Pastor)
1/8/1865 Archbishop Jean-Baptiste Lamy
1/1865 Fr. Donato Rogiere
Fr. Peter Bernal
Fr. Benedict Bernard
Fr. Francis Lester
1868 Bishop Jean-Baptiste Salpointe
6/1869 Fr. Damaso Taladrid
Fr. Francisco Boucard
Fr. Augustin Moriz
  Fr. Augustin Bernard
1878 - 1880 Fr. Andres Echallier
1880 Fr. Pierre Lassaigne (Pastor)
1882 Fr. John Grange
1883 Fr. J. Monfort
1884 Bishop Peter Bourgade
1888 Fr. J. Dolga
1900 Bishop Henry Regis Granjon
1902-1909 Fr. Andres Echallier (Returned)
1903 Fr. J. Marsellier
1904-1909 Fr. J. Carnet
1909 Fr. Marius Gerry
1909-1922 Fr. Miguel Vandermaessen (Pastor)
1911-1915 Fr. Joseph M. Coulombe,
1915 Bsihop Anthony Joseph Schuler
1922 Fr. Leo Reis
1923 Fr. Geogre Van Goethem (Pastor)
Fr. Irenee Beaudoin
  Fr. Joseph Carnet
1925-1926 Fr. Omar Beel
Fr. Esteban Valencia
10/1926 Fr. Henry D. Buchanan (Pastor)
1933 Fr. William Bertlenk
1934-1936 Fr. Severiano Hurtado
4/1938 Fr. Pedro Ruiz
1/1934 - 7/1941 Fr. G. Walter Caffery
1942 Bishop Sidney Matthew Metzger
7/1946 Fr. Aloysius Daybery
5/1941 - 7/1945 Fr. Lawrence Gaynor
1945 - 1955 Fr. David Kirgan (Pastor)
1955 Fr. John Lee (Administrator)
1945-1959 Fr. Daniel J. Quigley
Fr. Lucio Lopez
1955 Fr. Martin Gonzales
Fr. Emilio Raure or Roure
5/1957 Fr. William Bressler
5/1957 - 8/1960 Msgr. Eugene P. Geary (Pastor)
Fr. Jerome Doody
Fr. Jose Ordonez
Fr. Alexander Fearon
8/1960 Msgr William Ryan (Pastor)
1965 Fr. Jesus V. Goni (Assistant)
2/1970 Fr. Jesus V. Goni (as Pastor)
Fr. Jose Maria Asenjo
2/1974 Fr. Ben S. Mones (Pastor)
Fr. Rosario Lopez
1976-1977 Fr. Manuel P. Maramba
Fr. Jaime Israel
1978 Bishop Patrick Fernandez Flores
6/1980 Fr. Capistran J. Haas
1980 Bishop Raymondo Joseph Pena
7/1980 Msgr. Antonio Mate
8/1982 Bishop Ricardo Ramirez
3/1981 - 1/1990 Msgr. Roland A. Vonder Haar
1985 - 10/1988 Fr. David E. Viramontes
10/1988 to present Fr. Juan Moreno
2/1990 - 2002 Fr. Denis J. Tejada (Pastor)
7/1997 - 3/1998 Fr. Roque Fernandez
5/1998 - 12/1998 Fr. Louie Amezega
1/1999 - 8/2001 Fr. Martin Cordero
9/2001 - 11/2001 Fr. Narciso Rivera
9/2002 Fr. Enrique L. Escalera (Pastor)
11/2002 Fr. Gerardo Rivera (Administrator)
7/2005 to present Fr. Ricardo Bauza (Pastor)
(1) Rosemary Buchanan, The First 100 years. Bronson Printing Co., Inc. Las Cruces, NM. 1961.